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    Master Jenq started Ba-Ji Chinese boxing training in his senior high school. After several years’ learning, Master Jenq was aware that some traditional Chinese martial arts were seldom applied to the real fighting field.  Thus he joined the KARATE and became a member of the national KANATE team, participating in many international KARATE contests and hitting some good records.

    Besides working hard in KARATE, Master Jenq also devoted himself into the Chinese martial arts.  He spent time collecting information about the Chinese boxing, learning various martial arts from some well-known masters and studying hard with classmates as well as friends.  All efforts he made were to break the myth of the traditional Chinese martial arts.  After 30 years` study and 20 years` experience in teaching, he attempts to pass all skills on to his students without reserve, and wish that some invisible boundaries built among the sects (of Chinese martial arts) can be broken.

   The Ger-Dow-Ba-Ji Chinese boxing is not the same as the traditional Ba-Ji boxing.  It derives from Master Jeng’s unique interpretation on the Ba-Ji boxing mingled with some real fighting experiences.  Therefore, it is named“Ger-Dow-Ba- Ji Chinese boxing.” The words, "Ger-Dow", means by "fighting."

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Martial Arts Learnings and Achievements

He started learning Wu-Tan-Ba-Ji and Tang-Lang Chinese boxings from the famous Master, Ming –YoYang in 1976.Except MasterYang, he also learned from other famous masters and close friends including as follows

● Yang Su-Ton, who was good at Wu-Tan Ba-Ji and Tang-Lang Chinese boxings;
● Jang Shyh-Jaye, one of disciples of Suen Luh-Tarng's sect, mastered at
Shy-in Tai-ji Ba-Gua Chinese boxing;
● Master Lu Jyh Yun and senior disciple Li Jwu Shann, both came from
Shi-Yin-Liow-Her-Men sect and Dah-Jiang western sect;
● Master Her Jing-Harn, who was good at
Ba-Gua Chinese boxing of Yinn Fwu sect;
● Master Tzeng Kuen-Ming and senior disciple Wu Hong-Yu, both came from
"Mi- To-Liu" KARATE of Republic of china(R.O.C.);
● Master You Chuen-Shiang and senior disciple Hwang Shinn-Rong of
Akido Association of R.O.C;
● Master Lin Jie-Jen, good at
Liow-Her-Tang-Lang Chinese boxing; and
● Master Chern Jiann-Shing, good at
Yeong-Chuen Chinese boxing.

A member of the national team of the 7th world Karate(WUKO) Tournament in 1985.

Won the championship of the 2nd grade contest of the Sino-SA (South Affrica) KARATE Friendship Cup.

Won the runner-up of the 2nd grade contest of the Amatdur Athletic Union of the U.S.A.

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The Xiao Ba ji Quan of GER-DOW-BA-JI Chinese Boxing
Master Jenq's first book, entitled "the Martial Arts Series of Yuan-Ming," is composed of 7 parts:

1.  Little Ba-Ji routine Chinese boxing;
2.  The explanation of the decomposed gestures of Little Ba-Ji rotine Chinese boxing;
3.  The explaination of the decomposed gestures of "crossed knock on the elbow" of Shuenn-Buh-Shiong-Chyan Chinese boxing (means that the step in the same direction in front of chest, crossed buckle and gore heart elbow);
4.  The application of the group hand gestures of Little Ba-Ji routine Chinese boxing;
5.  The martial arts of female self-defense;
6.  Yuan-Ming soft martial arts
7.  Appendix


The unique features in this book, "the Martial Arts Series of Yuan-Ming," can be listed as follows:

1.  The application of the group hand gestures
It explains the drifts of Ba-Ji Chinese boxing with plenty of pictures to demonstrate the steps, the gestures of hands and the movement of the body while applied in the real fighting. The creative showing in this book is different from that of the traditional Chinese martial arts.

2.  Q and A of a real fighting
Referring to the different system of Ba-Ji Chinese boxing, the author takes example by Xiao-Chan-Si-Shoou (small silk-reeling skill ) and Diing Shi Joou(gore heart elbow), to analyze the futures of other martial arts sects and explain the conception of Ger-Dow-Ba-Ji Chinese boxing  applied in a real fighting.

It is easy to read the explanations of this book.  Instead of describing the profound theory of the Ba-Ji Chinese boxing, the author demonstrates the real  fighting scenes by many photographs.  Since Ba-Ji Chinese boxing is famous for its real fighting, the writing style shown in this book appears quite appropriate and hit the point of this Chinese boxing.

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The Chern Jue Jin of Tian Wang Tuo Ta, employes internal chih(atmopher),the power of body, the power of body structure and the power from earth to emit powerful and strong strength.

by Master Jenq Tian-Wang-Tuo-Taa posture(The king of heaven who puts the tower on his palm) of Xiao Ba Ji

The symbol of Chern Juey Jing (sink strength)


The Shyr Tzyh Jing of Kai Gong Sheh Yann employes Diing(to push),Kow(tobuckle),Ning(to wrench),Shyuan (to revolve) to pull up the strengh to theDan Tyan(the region three inches below the navel) and then to prop up on the hand.

KaiGongShehYann(drawing a bow to shoot the wild goose)

The symbol of Shyr Tzyh Jing(the cross strength)


It is able to see the unfolded strength to become a explosive appearance, and the strength is emited from Dan Tyan.

Maang Sher Charn Shen(body entangled by serpent) of Xiao Ba Ji

The symbol of Baw Jar Jing(explosion strength)


In Hei Shyong Parn Joou you will see the mysterious of the three strength combine together or emit individually.

Hei Shyong Parn Joou(Black bear coils the elbow)

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天王托塔 Tian Wang Tuo Taa

拔而擊之 Bar Erl Jyi Jr(to promote another to a higher position and attack)

沈墜勁之探討 The investigate of Chern Juey Jing(sink strength)

格鬥八極拳內勁試析 Internal energy analysis of Ger Dow Ba Ji Chinese Boxing

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